Tulsi seeds Kanthi mala necklace - Natural Handmade Tulsi mala- Yoga Hindu Necklace -Ayurveda

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This is a beautiful Tulsi Tulasi mala kanthi.
Tulsi mala is instrumental in cleansing body, mind and soul.
It brings health and happiness.
It protects the person adorning it from all kinds of negative influences like ghost evil spirits. So wear this mala for spiritual upliftment.

Tulsi wood, which is family of basil, is the most sacred of all wood in the Hindu tradition. It is worshipped in Hindu temples as a living Goddess. Tulsi is cultivated for religious, traditional, medicinal purposes and it’s essential oil is commonly used in Ayurveda.

It has a place with Vaishnava tradition of Hinduism in which devotees perform worship involving holy basil plant or leaves.

Material Tulsi wood

100% real energised tulsi Tulasi mala

Colour off light brown

Mala length: 19 inches ( please it will fit any one neck until 19inch. please measure your neck.

Clasp necklace

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