Tulsi Sandalwood Rudraksha Vaijanti Yoga Malas for Prayer and Meditation

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Malas: 108+1 Mala Rosary Bead Necklaces are designed to help our wayward, distract-able minds back towards the present moment and the here and now.

EkPuja hand makes every single meditation mala necklace and bracelet with care and love, all of our products are eco friendly, sustainable, organic, vegan and practise Fair Trade principles; when you purchase a mala from EkPuja, you can have peace of mind that every person involved in the process of creating your rosary has been given a fair price for their work.

At EkPuja, we pride ourselves on our community and family values and you can take any mala and we can tell you who has whittled the branch, who has threaded the beads, who has knotted the beads and who has garlanded the tassel.

Why meditate with malas? Meditation is fantastic tool to help with mental and emotional well being, it's completely free, you can do it alone or in a group, you can practise it anywhere and anytime and it's proven in both Eastern and Western medicine to have helpful effects on the body and mind from stress and anxiety to relief to helping to reduce blood pressure.

Using a mala for meditation is an age old technique for bringing the mind back to the present. As you meditate, either using mantras or prayers, or simply through breath work, it is easy for the mind to wander and quickly spiral away from the attention to hand. By moving a 108+1 mala through your fingers as you meditate, your mind and body have a useful physical property to focus on and work through. Neither do you need to concentrate and study upon the mala, nor does it break your attention from what you are holding in your mind. The mala allows you to simply work through the prayers/mantras/breaths as you wish.

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