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Premium Quality Durga Bisa Yantra

Size of yantra 2"x2" plate powerful Blessed Yantra

“JISKE PAAS HO BISA USKA KYA KAREGA JAGDISHA” This means "One who has Sri Durga Bisa yantra can't be harmed by anyone including gods".

Yantra For: Removing difficulties, destroying enemies, stoping bad dreams, health,wealth ,good luck & own protection to ward off miscellaneous problems.

Durga Bisa Yantra is of Shri Durga Ambe Maa. Durga Bisa yantra is a very powerful yantra that is used to win luck and favor in business (specially in business meetings). It protects the user from the negative influence of other people. Durga Bisa yantra is regarded as a symbol of power. Durga Bisa Yantra is a powerful Yantra for fulfillment of desires, to remove difficulties and to conquer enemies, these are the special effects of this Yantra. Durga Bisa Yantra bestows wealth and property and protects the person from all sorts of dangers. Persons of all types can use it.. The yantra can be energized by the Durga Mantra and can prove very useful to win luck and favor.

What is yantra?

Meaning of word 'Yantra in Sanskrit is "yam" with a suffix "tra," where "tra" means instruments or tools and "yam" means "to gain control over the energy inherent in some element or being". Yantras carry spiritual significance, and point the user to higher levels of consciousness.

Yantra is an instrument designed to curb the psychic forces by concentrating them on a specific pattern, and in such a way that this pattern becomes reproduced by the worshiper's visualizing power. According to Sri Swami Satchidananda, a yantra is "a physical expression of a mantra - a mantra being a Divine aspect in the form of sound vibration - yantra in the form of a geometrical figure." So "when mantras or divine ideas are meditated upon, certain images are brought out" and these images "are used in meditation or worship to symbolize or express certain divine ideas and quality (Satchidananda).

Power of Yantra

The Yantra provides a focal point that is a window into the absolute. When the mind is concentrated on a single, simple object (in this case a Yantra), the mental chatter ceases. Eventually, the object is dropped when the mind can remain empty and silent without help. In the most advanced phases, it is possible to attain union with God by the geometric visualization of a Yantra. The Yantra is like a microcosmic picture of the macrocosm. It is a focusing point and an outer and inner doorway. The Yantras are often focused on a specific deity and so by tuning into the different Yantras you can tap into certain deities or creative force centers in the universe. Yantras are usually designed so that the eye is carried into the center, and very often they are symmetrical. Yantra can be drawn on paper, wood, metal, or earth, or they can be three-dimensional

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