EkPuja Starter Carrom 32 x 32 Set with Board, Coins and Striker 4 mm

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Perfect for beginners and learners

Carrom Board 32" x 32" - Coins, Striker and Powder

Rosewood Borders and Mango Board and Carrom Set

Playing surface area : 29" x 29""

  • Classic Carrom Set of 32" x 32" Board, Coins, Acrylic Striker and Powder from EkPuja
  • Striker may come in any colour (Acrylic Quality Striker)
  • Featuring 4 mm thick mango wood 29" x 29" playing area - this board is superb for withstanding the shocks and rebounds that come from a fun, exciting and competitive carrom match.
  • EkPuja Packaging includes special corner padding and all round board protection to ensure your carrom game arrives in perfect championship condition
  • Comes With a full set of easy to understand instructions

Children and adults will get hours of fun playing with this beautifully made hand finished carrom board game.


Our Classic Carrom Set is of premium quality with a superior finish and comes with everything you need to enjoy a great game of Carrom.


This Carrom Set is the perfect board for enthusiasts and families, both beginners and experts will have fun.


The playing surface is made from 4 mm special Carrom Mango Plywood that has been polished for smooth low friction and hard-wearing finish.


This Carrom Set is complete, with Carrom coins, Powder & a Striker.


The Carrom set includes:


32" x 32" Carrom Board with the following specifications;

1.5" Wide Rosewood detail borders

4mm Thick Special Carrom Mango Plywood playing surface

4 Netted Cotton Pockets

25g Carrom Powder

Wooden Carrom Coins (11 x White, 11 x Black, 2 x Red)

Acrylic Quality Striker



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