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Please click on the photo below for henna design inspiration and patterns from our customers and Pinterest page and 

Our henna is natural, organic and contains NO PPD.

We recommend applying for at least 8-10 hours for best finish and it will continue to darken over the next 24 hours.  

*The longer you leave the Henna the more dark finished look you will achieve (6-8 hours at least)

Everybody has different skin types and skin tones this means that some people will take more from the Henna dye than others

Even though we only use natural organic ingredients, we still recommend that you apply the Henna to a small area first and leave for 24 hrs 

If you are not going to be using the Henna Cones straight away then please refrigerate or freeze them as soon as possible. Remember for best results use as soon as you can.

Always try and keep the applied area warm as possible for a Darker finish
For best results try and keep the Henna on the applied area of skin moist as possible, this will help the Henna to release into the skin for longer

Not for hair 


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