Replacement Acrylic Carrom Coins Striker and Powder Set | Tournament Carrommen and Powder Set

  • £12.50

Carrom board coin set made up of:

  • 11 white coins,
  • 11 black coins
  • 2 red (pinkish) coins
  • 25g powder
  • 1 synthetic striker set

Have you and your family been wanting to play carrom but someone has lost the striker? Or perhaps some of the coins are missing. Maybe you would like a backup for the next time the toddler hides a coin down the back of the sofa! 

Not to worry, EkPuja provide a full, high quality replacement acrylic carrom coin and powder set with striker. 

The carrommen are all finished to match standard quality and the synthetic striker is especially designed for faster rebounds. The powder will keep your board performing and in top condition for longer.

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